пятница, 26 августа 2011 г.

FlylinkDC++ r501 beta30

New beta of FlylinkDC++ r5xx is available now:


  • Banned the same number selection of ports in the settings for DHT and UDP (DHT port automatically increased by 1)
  • Fixed some crashes:
    - When you select the same port numbers for DHT and UDP.
    - Lack of the BootstrapManager::newInstance() initialization.
  • Added .dts (Digital Theater System)file format to a mediainfo processing
  • Disabled compression .dts (Digital Theater System) files in the transmission.
  • Partial synchronization with code of StrongDC++ svn
  • Updated providers database:
    Building basis on the  20110824-1126 , created  24.08.2011 01:58 +0600
    Total in database:
    - Providers - 1344
    - Provider's logo - 1361
    - The range of addresses - 5497
    Archive CustomLocations.rar created by LazyBadger.

суббота, 20 августа 2011 г.

FlylinkDC++ and DCLST-metafile support

DCLST metafile — a tool to create links to directories, in contrast to the conventional magnet link, which is usually used in FlylinkDC++.

The idea of creating metafiles DCLST for a directories appeared in a long time ago in client IceDC++. Later it was developed by GreylinkDC++ where used  under the name of .dcls.

Currently FlylinkDC++ supports the following operations with DCLST metafile:

  • DCLST metafile generator, which is available by clicking the right mouse button on the directory in file list:

New old theme

Before the final release FlylinkDC++ r500, when the version was able to change the subject, we received many requests for the return of an old theme like FlylinkDC++ r400 has. We created a theme similar of 4xx versions, and added it to Auto Update. The theme will be available from 26 beta version, and later will be available via Auto Update and release version of FlylinkDC++ r500.

To change theme you need to open the Settings->Appearance and select the theme "FlylinkDC++ 4xx (c) FlylinkDC++ Team":

And after restarting the program, you can see:

P.S. as r5xx functionality has additional elements which not found in previous versions, we tried to select the corresponding icon in style.

Interface translation site

More recently translation system of FlylinkDC++ interface became available. Online translator had to solve several problems faced by translators. For example, searching untranslated and amended labels. And also create the opportunity for simultaneous operation of several translators.

StrongDC++ 2.43 sqlite r7867

  • Updated providers database: http://www.assembla.com/spaces/customlocations-greylink
    Building basis on the 20110814-1125, created 14/08/2011 6:46 +0600
    Total in database:
    - Providers - 1341
    - Provider's logo - 1358
    - The range of addresses - 5489
    Archive CustomLocations.rar created by LazyBadger
  • PVS Studio V805 Decreased performance. It is inefficient to identify an empty string by using 'wcslen(str) > 0' construct. A more efficient way is to check: str[0] != '\0'.
  • PVS Studio V806. Decreased performance. The expression of strlen(MyStr.c_str()) kind can be rewritten as MyStr.length()
  • PVS-Studio V803 Decreased performance. In case 'Order' is iterator it's more effective to use prefix form of increment. Replace iterator++ with ++iterator.
  • [merge] StrongDC++ svn574 updated miniupnpc and natpmp
  • [merge] Temporarily disabled the IP Guard (IP6)
  • [merge] svn573 implemented dual-stack IPv6 sockets (IPv6 should work 100%; systems without dual-stack are not supported)
    - fixed WinUPnP
    - added NAT-PMP
    - COM initialized to be multithreaded to WinUPnP to work correctly (I hope this doesn't break other things)
    - removed sharing of files in finished list - this can be controlled with option "Keep finished files in queue" now
    - fixed query in HTTP requests
    - fixed DHT and active mode in favorite hubs when connectivity manager fails to map ports

FlylinkDC++ r501 beta25

New beta of FlylinkDC++ r5xx is available now:


  • Fixed DHT and SOCKS proxy
  • Fixed Search Spy
  • Adedd ADCx search query to Search Spy
  • Fixed some crashes
  • Added guaranteed initialization values for all ports at the first run of the program and installing a direct connection type. However, the code ensures that the port values do not intersect. Thanks for the tip to Alexander Bobrikov aka hat3k
  • [merge] StrongDC++ svn574 updated miniupnpc and natpmp
  • Added two options to Advanched page of Setting:
- Keep a log file SQLite in memory, can cause damage to the base by failures in the program or system. - Improves performance by storing a log file in memory, but it reduces the reliability in the case of failures in the programs, systems, or equipment. That failure may compromise the integrity of the database. By default this option is disabled.
- "Use the exclusive mode lock on the database SQLite. This option improves performance." - Improves performance by using an exclusive lock on the database, but it is impossible to work with the database in third-party utilities when FlyLinkDC++ running. By default this option is enabled.
  • Added a new key to the command line FlylinkDC.exe / nowalDisables logging on WAL MEMORY (PRAGMA journal_mode = MEMORY)
    experimentally for the SSD drives.
  • Fixed opening of DCLST files (with long names on Cyrillic)
  • Added language selection on the General page at Settings

понедельник, 18 июля 2011 г.

FlylinkDC++ r500 release


http://flylinkdc.dyndns.org/dist/r500-release/ - Regional builds
http://flylinkdc.dyndns.org/install/flylinkdc-r5xx-x64/ - Town x64
http://flylinkdc.dyndns.org/install/flylinkdc-r5xx-x86/ - Town x86

Key differences from r4xx:
  • Update kernel to StrongDC++ 2.42.
  • Automatic update with digital signature.
  • Store settings in user's profile directory: work correctly on Windows Vista and Windows 7 without administration privileges.
  • Support for the Windows 7 Taskbar 
  • Support ADC protocol 
  • Support DHT: file transfer and search without connection to a hub
  • Using MiniUPnP (http://miniupnp.free.fr/)  to automatic configure ports
  • Support SSL
  • Support cyrillic country code top-level domain
  • Support BBCode in chat
  • Support DCLS: download directory
  • Update user interface and themes
  • Support management of media players: Winamp, AIMP, Windows Media Player, iTunes, Media Player Classic and JetAudi
  • Support grouping and redefinition of the encoding of hubs
  • Universal installer for both x86 and x64
  • IPGrant.ini:  Priority allocation of slots for the network